Legends of the Realm RPG

Legends of the Realm

This land of wonder and beauty, of wild beasts and treasures to behold, is also the same land where your Ruler has built a Hold. All of you have pledged as knights to help them to defend this Hold and to help this Ruler to do what is best for the people, for generations to come. The Hold and to a larger extent the Realm is also your (new) home. And the Realm is now your life. For the power and glory of this land, this Realm brings humanity, the magical, the nobility, and the warrior to one place here and now so long may you all work towards the vision of what the Realm should be … a guiding inspiration of a better world for all to honor and fight for till the end of days.

An Order of Knights, stronger than friends or family — they know you or believe so. There are things that are secret or shameful and things that are worn openly with pride as armor to your soul. What you have and haven’t done and what you strive for are the lifeblood to your calling as a Knight of the Realm. What do you have to prove to them and to yourself by your reputation in deeds? Or reforged in a new image?

Legends of the Realm is a collaborative story game for 3-5 players who take on the roles of knights in service to their ruler, caught up in rivalries, political schemes, mysterious quests, and desires for love, all while trying to earn a name for themselves as a legend of the realm. This game is based on Bethany Havey’s brilliant game, Unincorporated, which may be found https://bethanyharvey.itch.io/unincorporated. Please consider supporting their game.