Dark Well

You’ve experienced something you can’t explain. Something that changed you. Something that others want to know more about, hide from the public and use for gain in the world. What are you going to do about it before they find you?

Dark Well is a tabletop roleplaying game about exploring the unknown through the relationships of life, power, and truth through fringe science and conspiracies. You play Dwellers who pursue these relationships through each other’s lives and your vision that connects you to the crisis that started it all.

Together, your group works from a set of interconnected ideas and conspiracies in the world to build your characters, factions, secrets, and more through a Conspiramap. You play to find out using a set of tokens drawn from the Well and compared to a chart to interpret what you do next, and ultimately what conspiracy your Dwellers must confront.

Dark Well creates fiction like that of X-Files, Millennium, Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, and Dark, making it fun for lovers of conspiracy fiction and fringe science alike.

System: Tokens.

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