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AquaVertigo is a social experience design company that focuses on personal interactions between two or more people for work and play.




Part designers, writers, AquaVertigo exists to tell collaborative stories that focus on relationships between and beyond the protagonists—Player Characters. Topics explored generally include community, identity, consequences, and the simple question of, "What do you do?" as in playing a game to find out with the results shared among two or more people.

Creatively Curious Social Designer

David MK is an entrepreneur, educator, designer, and mostly a creatively curious soul trapped in a four-dimensional reality. He enjoys learning and sharing his love for games with others.
Photo: Playtest materials for Armageddon Accelerated.


To create space for meaningful social experiences through gaming AquaVertigo exists to explore emotions and thoughts with a focus on the players and their contributions to the games.

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Updates on Game Design

Armageddon Accelerated Start over as a second-chance soul bonded to an angelic host in this urban supernatural roleplaying game of dealing with unfinished prior life

SSO Campaign Playtest Updates

Twitter Posts Feb. 14, 2021: #SpaceStationOmegaRPG (@CortexRPG) campaign playtest session 10 (finale): Kesh, Deegan, and Hesper get the psychic-imprinted Hesper clones under control. Dr. Smith

Fall 2020 Update

Like with everyone, a lot has been happening over here in 2020. This post is long! Going Online Gaming-related, several face-to-face conventions have moved online.

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