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Updates on Game Design

Armageddon Accelerated

  • Start over as a second-chance soul bonded to an angelic host in this urban supernatural roleplaying game of dealing with unfinished prior life business while working for HALO to prevent the End Times.
  • System: Dresden Files Accelerated

I’ve managed a handful of playtest sessions online in 2021. The game feels about 65-85% there mechanically and 95% there thematically/narratively. A few rounds of testing should guide further refinements.

Blood & Violence

  • A traveler’s tale wrapped in magical realism storytelling and a map-making roleplaying game between truth and reality, beauty and danger along the road.
  • System: In-house tokens and dice

I have run this game a couple of times and it’s not there mechanically yet. Part of my mind wants there to be a token economy for the Blood and a dice economy for the Violence. I feel like spending dice as tokens and rolling dice as dice would accommodate that but I’ll need to test it. In my head and heart, this game is a mixture of written and visual poetry that flows out on the map panels and the rules and during play with the journal as an artifact for players and for in-game potential. The game needs more playtesting.

Dark Well

  • “Explore the Unknown” in this modern-day paranormal conspiracy thriller roleplaying game.
  • System: In-house tokens

I was fortunate to get some wonderful feedback from a couple of great people and have implemented changes from that and the game is better for it. The recent online playtesting has confirmed some issues with probability for results and so I have a new version to test at some point.

Division Hex (formerly Shadow Hunters)

  • Join up and fight side by side with other paranormal agents in this thriller roleplaying game to counter paranormal terrorism in the world.
  • System: Genesys

Changing the name from Shadow Hunters mostly because there are a lot of things called Shadow Hunters already. Shifting the focus away from strictly hunting mutants to something wider in scope or similar to Ghost in the Shell but for the paranormal. Need to continue with Talents and scoping out the content for playtesting.

LEGENDS (formerly Feudal Fairy World)

  • Explore relationships between heroes and their world in this fantasy roleplaying game inspired by ancient myths and Arthurian Legends.
  • System: PbtA

I revisited this game to have it reviewed for an online design event. The feedback from Magpie Games was well articulated and useful. Since then I have made several changes, including the name from Feudal Fairy World to LEGENDS. We’ll see if it works or not as a brand. What’s taking the longest for me is in my revision of the game from almost completely the ground up with playbook moves and other mechanics that reinforce the themes, arcs, and point back to the world. This version is more rooted in Arthurian legends than previously and so I’ve been listening to courses and audiobooks about them for insights.


  • Science fiction thriller roleplaying game about belonging.
  • System: In-house to Cortex Prime

After getting the primer done, converted over from a prior ruleset, I’m ready to playtest this game.


  • A science fiction roleplaying game of adventure between truth and reality with you as hackers on the run.
  • System: Psi*Run modified

This game is pretty much done for now, but I need to finalize it and then put it up on — I feel some anxiety about it, and that’s why I really should move forward on it.


  • A Gothic Horror game about the search for humanity and salvation through a world of monsters and madness through the lives of seekers like you and your companions.
  • System: Psi*Run with tarot cards

I have started work to create an alternate version of the rules on cards. In either case, the game is doing well in its rough form.

Secret Strike Force

  • Pulp military action roleplaying game about combating BADD and defending the world.
  • System: Cortex Prime

Due to revisiting some nostalgia, I decided to create this as a love letter to myself. I hope to run it as a one- to five-shot at some point.

Space Station Omega

  • Sci-fi roleplaying game of political dramatic action among the stars.
  • System: Cortex Prime

I’ve edited a fair amount of this game and playtested it for 10-sessions online. When I have time I will review the recordings and notes for more edits. However, I’m really more concerned about the terms of the Cortex Creator and the Cortex Codex as that will impact how far I continue to work on this game.


  • A sci-fi post-terraforming of Earth roleplaying game about a community surviving on the unforgiving frontier of the unknown.
  • System: PbtA

I’ve done some editing on this but it’s a long way off in development.

Time & Tempus

  • Sail through time and space with Captain Tempus as one of their Crew.
  • System: For the Queen

I playtested this a few times and have feedback to contemplate before further revisions.


  • You are reborn as Living Laws to a community mythic fantasy roleplaying game about loss, humanity, and justice in a fallen world.
  • System: In-house dice

One group suggested a name change that was more referential to the time period around the Bronze Age. I haven’t examined this yet but will try to remain open to it should development proceed. I need to rework the mechanics. Players love the character sheets.

Within Reach

  • Exploring solitary confinement with the hand you’re dealt.
  • System: LARP with cards

Nothing new on this game recently.

Division Hex RPG

Division Hex

A tabletop roleplaying game about playing paranormal agents in a counter-paranormal-terrorism organization policing a dark world

Story – What Is Division Hex the Roleplaying Game?

Division Hex is a tabletop roleplaying game about paranormals like yourself working to counter paranormal terrorism in the world.

Division Hex is set in a grim near-future world where the people you try to stop are a lot like you and explores fear of “the different” in society.

In recent years, murders and destruction by people have been increasing at an alarming rate, forcing governments to look for outside help. The strongest response came from the well-respected and funded research company, Aegis. Their report claimed that a burst of cosmic radiation from space is causing people to go mad and take it out on others. As of yet, no definitive cause has been discovered and there are cases of the mutation across the globe. Aegis’ recommendation was to institute a secret monitoring and capture program throughout international government police agencies called Division Hex. This division was granted active status within months following a successful six-week test run in the USA and EU. Simultaneously, Aegis is working to create ways to reduce, inhibit, and possibly reverse the mutation’s effects on people.

  • All people with the gene mutation are logged in a worldwide master database.
  • Those identified with the inactive mutations, called Shadowseeds face a life-long series of annual tests and watchers assigned to them.
  • Those who have succumbed to the mutation and threaten others are labeled as Shadows and are captured and imprisoned far from civilized communities.
  • And lastly, those who have an active mutation but who have not lost control, Shadowlings, are more closely monitored with weekly tests and screenings by agents. It’s also from this Shadowling cohort where about 5% of them are recruited and trained as agents of Aegis for Division Hex.

This is where you come in as an agent of Aegis, nicknamed Shadow Hunters you may serve in the field monitoring, screening, engaging, and capturing others affected by the mutation in order to protect the innocent and limit the damage caused by this unfortunate genetic condition. In return for your service, you are provided with housing, transportation, healthcare, education, professional training, a monthly stipend, retirement options, and a purpose during these unfortunate dark days.

TOP SECRET: The genetic anomaly allegedly grants affected persons unnatural abilities which often prove to be too powerful for most to handle and are usually responsible for heightened personal and property damage. Agents assigned to Aegis are provided resources and help to control and use their abilities for Division Hex, and for the good of the world.

Urban Fantasy

Urban fantasy is a fantastic genre of English-language fiction, or a subgenre of fantasy, in which the narrative uses supernatural elements in an urban society. Works of urban fantasy may be set in the real world and introduce aspects of fantasy, or in a fantasy world with operating rules recognizably similar to ours.

In Division Hex, players are Shadowlings—genetic anomaly patients who have not lost their humanity and who are trained as agents (Shadow Hunters) to help protect others from mutants like themselves in a grittier near-future modern world like our own.

As agents of Aegis, you are responsible for monitoring, screening, engaging, and capturing people suffering from the mutation for the good of the world. As a trained Shadowling, hopefully, you’ll never become a Shadow, losing control and killing innocent people and destroying their communities; to then be hunted down and imprisoned in Tartarus with the other Shadows by your colleagues.

TOP SECRET: Maybe someday Aegis will create a cure and you’ll all be free of the drudgery and personal danger, or maybe Aegis will have other plans for its international empowered army?

Playing Division Hex

Division Hex is a tabletop roleplaying game for 3-5 players that takes about 3-4 hours to play. The game uses the Fantasy Flight Genesys system similar to their Star Wars and Android games where you add a Characteristic score to a Skill plus and roll the dice to help shape the narrative result.


The genotype you select for your character encompasses their character type, starting ability, skill, and talents. There are four species with the first three of them playable in the base game of Division Hex:

  • Human: people without the genetic mutation. Most of the population which is slowly decreasing.
  • Shadowseed: people with the inactive genetic mutation. A small subset of the population which is slowly increasing.
  • Shadowling: people with the active genetic mutation who may or may not be an immediate threat to society; also potential or active agent of Aegis.
  • Shadows: creatures who may or may not have been human at one point and are now consumed with the genetic mutation effects; often shadowlings who become fully corrupted and require a response from Aegis—usually by agents who capture and turn the Shadows over to Aegis to lock away in Tartarus.

The Twilit World

The world of Division Hex is similar to our own in geography and history, though the technology is perhaps more advanced with forays into fringe science or paranormal connections native to or outside of the world. In particular, engineering and biosciences seem more capable with the potential to create hovercars, nanosuits, elixirs, chimeras, and other unusual products.

TOP SECRET: In order to prevent hysteria and hate crimes targeting people with the genetic mutation, Aegis works with international governments to obscure the full nature of the problem facing the world.