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Let the Playtesting Begin!

So here we go, racing ahead, committing to sessions to see what’s working and not through the playtesting process.

As an aside, here’s a link to a page where I include a video with folks (including me) from the Open Hearth Gaming Community (The Gauntlet) talking about playtesting,

My List

  • Love & Rockets [4] — COMPLETED

2. Starfall Hard Zone [4]
3. Eye of the Magi [5]
4. Time & Tempus [5]
5. Legends of the Realm [6]
6. For the Panel [7]

Scheduled for Playtesting

2. Starfall Hard Zone for Apocalypse World: Burned Over

I’ve scheduled playtesting of 4-6 sessions, though I may need to postpone by a week in order to finish player recruitment.

4. Time and Tempus

I’ve scheduled the first playtest for this Descended from the Queen game for tomorrow. I need to finish prepping the file for it.

In-Progress, or Back Burner

3. Eye of the Magi

I’ve been working on content creation and edits to get a draft ready for a first playtest. My hope is for some time in October or November.

5. Legends of the Realm

Back Burner – needs revisions and plan to turn to these after Eye of the Magi is promoted to playtesting status.

6. For the Panel

Back burner – needs revisions.

Next Steps

Continue as time allows to get games to playtest status, test them and revise until ready to be run by others and then revised until ready for draft release.


Let me know what you think. Was this helpful or insightful?


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