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Looking to Spring

The next three weekends are going to be intense. Some of that will be gaming-related. Some of it will be RL commitments. Here’s to making a Save vs. Stress! But at least the weather has been kinder to us recently.


Longwinter RPG by Luka Rejec

Cover photo by David MK.

A cosy roleplaying setting of high mountains and deep problems. Published by Exalted Funeral.

Longwinter is the two-book RPG sandbox of a mountainous winter country on the cusp between the old and the new, the edge of modernity, the stepping stone of a new age. New mines and industries are opened, light breaks the gloom of ancient ruins, change comes to sweep away the cobwebs of history. But cobwebs do not go easily into the dust.

This is my first time reading an RPG designed as a kind of travel story game inspired by the author’s memories of growing up in a similar setting. I hope to have the opportunity to play the game with others at some point as I wrap my mind around it. It feels like a game that will make more sense as it’s being played.

The closest RPG that comes to mind is my nostalgia for the D&D Gazetteer modules. My favorite was The Elves of Alfheim. Here’s a video about the module in case you are curious,


Ben Robbins Interview (Microscope, In this World)

This episode of Third Floor Wars was interesting because the interviewer got Ben to really dive into the thinking behind the game design and express his take on what matters. Give it a listen if you want a peek inside a great RPG thinker’s and designer’s mind, or if you are curious to hear Ben talk about the origins of some of his games, like Microscope.

My favorite of Ben’s games so far is Kingdom. However, I’ve not read or played using the revised and slimmed-down second edition.

Running Games

Found: Taking a week off to focus on some RL things.

Dark Well: We are starting Season 2 this week, as we alternate every other week.

Space Station Omega: I got to run part two of three with a long-time friend and two more recent ones from the Open Hearth Gaming Community.

  • In the first session, the PCs saved the station from a derelict warship on a collision course in the first episode while also getting hints of politics under the surface.
  • In session two, one of the PCs began their work to infiltrate a criminal operation on the station while the remaining two PCs successfully and peacefully dealt with the renegades aboard their warship, the Tempest. Of course, things couldn’t go without a hitch, as someone had rigged up the three plasma bombs on a countdown timer. Fortunately, the PCs saved the day, but they have even more questions.

Online Cons

Gen Con Online 2024: According to a recent email, Gen Con is retiring their online game convention support to focus on the in-person event. You can still watch streaming, etc.

Games on Demand Online 2024: It’s happening next weekend. Come join us for some great gaming. You can sign up for games here:

Next Steps

Holding steady for the upcoming busy weekends.


Let me know what you think. Was this helpful or insightful?



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