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Popping in on Project Progress for August 2023

Illustration: “Pick Your favorite Pop,” David MK.

In this post I dive into tasks for the listed projects. This is where planning hits reality and priorities shift into unique needs or trends. Thankfully, my experience working with clients for creative projects over 20 years helps with managing workflows. Let’s begin.

My List

1. Love & Rockets [4]
2. Starfall Hard Zone [4]
3. Eye of the Magi [5]
4. Time & Tempus [5]
5. Legends of the Realm [6]
6. For the Panel [7]

1. Love & Rockets: Contacting the co-op of Conjured Games where the game was last in development.

Illustration: “Promotional for Love & Rockets,” Ewerton Lua –

Special thanks to kiryas for meeting with me over Discord and reminiscing about the Conjured Games Co-op as well as share what we’re up to now. Time certainly flies!

Illustration: “cover for Love & Rockets,” Acorn Knight

I located the file, tweaked a couple small things, and then published the game,

✓ This project has been completed!

2. Starfall Hard Zone: Scheduling the campaign play.

📅 I’ll work to revise content in the background once I know better about my schedule for Fall, 2023.

3. Eye of the Magi: Need content creation and playtesting.

📅 I’ve posted and am discussing ideas on the Agon Discord channel. Will schedule playtesting when my schedule is known.

4. Time & Tempus: Need content revision and playtesting.

📅 I’m sharing files for instructions, prompts, and missions with a gaming design workshop group for discussion and feedback before revising and playtesting.

5. Legends of the Realm: Need content revision and playtesting.

📅 I’m planning to review portions of the content for revisions this week before scheduling playtesting.

6. For the Panel: I will need to identify and contact a handful of convention guest manager types in the gaming industry to get feedback and then follow up with interviews.

I’ve begun contacting people on my list and am networking to find more people.

Speaking of which, if you know anyone who may benefit from a support tool to help facilitate a panel/ask questions, I’d appreciate an introduction with them via email, aquavertigopublishing [at] gmail [dot] com.

Next Steps

I’m already seeing signs of bottlenecks as people are filling up their schedules for the next few months and holidays. I can manage this lull by digging into content creation and revision if nothing else.

With the completion of one project, I could add another to my list, assuming I should. We’ll see how the next couple of weeks go.


Let me know what you think. Was this helpful or insightful?


DMK, the founder of AquaVertigo, is a creatively curious artist, author, designer, educator, entrepreneur, and organizer based in the Midwest, USA.

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