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Scheduling Games for Playtesting

Things have been very busy over here so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

As my schedule begins to solidify I’m already getting a better sense of when I can schedule games for playtesting. If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll add you to the list!


My List

  • Love & Rockets [4] — COMPLETED

2. Starfall Hard Zone [4]
3. Eye of the Magi [5]
4. Time & Tempus [5]
5. Legends of the Realm [6]
6. For the Panel [7]


Starfall Hard Zone for Apocalypse World: Burned Over

I’m gauging the best days and times for playtesting Starfall over a period of 4-6 sessions and hearing back from folks. I hope to have this scheduled within the next few days.

Eye of the Magi

I need to finish some content creation and editing I’ve started and then will schedule at least a couple one-shots to test out the feel of the game before launching short campaigns.

Time and Tempus

Collage image, David MK.

I’m scheduling playtesting for this Descended from the Queen game about playing crew members who join Captain Tempus on wild adventures through time and space.

Legends of the Realm

I need to finish content creation and editing for the revised flow of the Quests and Tales before I can schedule at least a two-shot to playtest.

For the Panel

I’m moving work on For the Panel to the back burner for the time being. I do have useful feedback to process for the next iteration.


DMK, the founder of AquaVertigo, is a creatively curious artist, author, designer, educator, entrepreneur, and organizer based in the Midwest, USA.

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