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The End Is Nigh—Joy to the Break!

In just about a week and a half, one of my regular commitments will be over until mid-January 2024, when it starts anew. This means I will have time to revisit a number of creative work projects over the winter break, and this gives me joy.

This will be my only post for today; however, here are a few thoughts before next week.

Gaming Update

Designing: Thanks to a new accountability process, I have managed to carve out time to do needed revisions on Dark Well. I can’t wait to test the changes soon.

Playtesting: I’ve been able to schedule playtests for two games: Dark Well (my own design using tokens instead of dice) and Found (Cortex Prime). I hope to get Eye of the Magi and others to the table, but time and my already filling-up-with-gaming schedule will tell.

Playing: I’m looking forward to finally playing in a series of Pasion de las Pasiones in January.

Running: Other games should be on the way, including my own running of one-shots for the Open Hearth Gaming Community with newer members.

Open Hearth Game of the Year

I have recorded and uploaded my 2023 Game of the Year for the Open Hearth Gaming Community.

I look forward to hearing what choices other people have decided to share once the podcast episode has been edited and shared in a bit.

If you’re interested in learning more about OHGC, check them out.

An Interview with You

Given how well our first interview went with James, we, my podcast partner Jason and I of the Gameways podcast (, are on the lookout for indie game folks to talk to about their experience. You don’t have to be a designer; you just need to have something you want to share about the ttrpg (and adjacent) space.

Let me know if you or someone you know might be interested, and what about!

Updates to My Store on

As time permits, I’ve been adding things to my online store,

Several are IP-fan-based (FREE). If you are new to larps, feel free to check out what I’ve added so far. I have several more ideas for larps even though my main focus and production are on ttrpgs.

MAU Hex Crawl Results

Here’s what I have for the first nine days of running the Momentus Advent of Ure Hex Crawl Calendar with an out-of-character and an in-character track.


  • The OOC one is interesting because I haven’t’ chosen to describe (Action) anything or really write about something as a player (Direction) yet.
  • The IC one is interesting because my D4 has only rolled 1s and 2s so far. My D6 has not rolled any 4s or 6s yet. Two of the options didn’t have D6 lists to roll from, so that does skew any real probability mapping.


I did not plan to sketch so much. And to be honest, it’s been so much fun to do with little pressure. It’s helping me to enjoy doodling again, but this project provides a framework, and already I’ve experienced more intention in my little drawings than I can remember.

First nine in-character responses (as sketches), from, David MK.

Are these masterpieces? Hell no! But they have meant a lot to me internally.

My linework is improving, and my lettering is more confident now.

I have a lot more to learn about using colored pencils to get what I want in color.

I hope I’ll continue drawing more after this project ends, but I know that I’ll need to create a purpose to stick with it. So we’ll see what I can do for that part of my self-expression.

Next Steps

I’ll be working away to wrap up my day commitments before returning with playtest reports and more for you. Thank you!


Let me know what you think. Was this helpful or insightful?



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