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Ringing in MAU

Starting the Momentus Advent of Ure Hex Crawl Calendar

Here we go with reflections on the hobby.

Invite to participate, David MK.

Behind the Scenes Update

I abandoned the conversation between hexes and minis and developed two separate options.

One is more out-of-character-focused with a simple combo of “Directions” (categories) and “Actions” (focus) you can use with each prompt. There are 24 prompts. I write and/or draw my responses on the answer hex. I’ll post a summary on the 25th day.

The other is more in-character-focused and includes a kind of adventure background done similar to sword and sorcery pulp style. Each day, you have the option of responding to 1-4 different questions, each on their own hex. I’m putting my writing and drawings on the reverse side of the hex chosen.

I’ve posted the initial invitation for this project on the internet. You can find my participation in gallery format here:, with my daily updated gallery of responses.

Sharing with Another Designer

Another designer was inspired to participate in their own way by sharing a random question each day, and it has been interesting to see what another designer is curious about. I’ve been replying to their prompts over on Mastodon and am looking forward to more prompts!

Gameways Podcast

The Gameways Podcast, currently only available on Spotify (we’re working on it), is the most recent version of an ongoing conversation I and another gamer/tinkerer, Jason, have had for years.

In Episode 9, we interview another designer, James Shannon, about designing solo games. Here’s the link to that:

Updates on Games

  • Revisions for both Starfall and Legends of the Realm
  • Scheduling for a series playtest for Dark Well: Exploring the unknown, a paranormal conspiracy thriller using a recently revised outcome matrix for this diceless, token-based game
  • Scheduling for another series test of Found (Cortex Prime): Shared Consciousness Clone Conspiracy with revised rules
  • Scheduling for an early test of Eye of the Magi: Military. Magic. Mystery. … stories not unlike Motherland: Fort Salem, Fullmetal Alchemist, Shadow & Bone, and many other stories using the Agon 2nd ed. rules.

Next Steps

I’ll be continuing with the daily responses for the MAU Hex Crawl project, as well as scheduling playtests and revising designs around other commitments.


Let me know what you think. Was this helpful or insightful? What’s been your experience with any of these games or projects?


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