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Tonight I had the good fortune to run through some core dice pool tests with a fellow designer for my alternate fall of the Bronze Age game, Vigilance, and it was amazing. > Vigilance RPG I feel as though the game mechanics are taking a while to mature due to the lack of consistent critical [&hel

Last night, a friend of mine agreed to do a one on one playtest of Dark Well and it went surprisingly well. We set the game in South America in the 1970s with my friend playing a mercenary archeologist who locates and sells rare artifacts to the highest bidder. > Dark Well RPG Dark Well has [&he

Corridor Games on Demand had a great time at Gamicon 2019. We ran about 16 games over three days, which included our special guest, Nathan Paoletta of NDP Design. Nathan also hosted a wonderful workshop titled, “Get Your Game Into The World: Self-Publishing Workshop.” I ran all three ses

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