Less Than One Week until Metatopia 2019

There’s a lot of buzz and positive energy ahead of Metatopia 2019. The organizers are working hard to make sure things are in place. The panelists are reviewing their materials. And game designers like myself are making decisions over what to bring and how best to present their games to the talented playtesters.

There’s a lot to get anxious about. There’s the imposter syndrome lurking in the wings. There’s the fear of forgetting something or coming down with an illness, missing a connecting leg of the trip, and on and on.

So my hope for the few days beforehand is to think positively about the upcoming experience. To take solace in breathing and gratitude in the little things. I will need to balance my energy and expectations and be in the moment for other designers and visitors attending. And to do all that I can to be thankful for what I have and how these little things called roleplaying games have brought so many interesting and talented people together for over four decades.


DMK, the founder of AquaVertigo, is a creatively curious artist, author, designer, educator, entrepreneur, and organizer based in the Midwest, USA.

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